Stranger Things 4

25-26 November 2011 at Friday 8pm, Saturday 8pm and 10pm
Ticket Prices: Doorsales only $15 - $20

What is Stranger Things? It’s kind of like when you discover two seemingly unrelated things that go together really well – like peanut butter and jam… or peanut butter and cheese, apparently.

Created by Lara Fischel-Chisholm and John Chisholm, the show started in 2009 and quickly realised it’s potential to be something more… so it became a performance series. We’re now up to Stranger Things 4. That’s pretty awesome.

Each show pulls together a bunch of creative types and pairs them off with someone they’ve never met before – that’s the ‘stranger’ part. The ‘things’ part is what happens in the two weeks between when they meet each other and the actual show. It’s fly by the seat of your pants kind of stuff and perhaps a bit of a risk but this was always meant to be a ‘let’s see what happens’ experience and so far we’ve been pretty pleased with the results.  Good things happen when great people come together.

This city is brimming with wonderful creative people who make and do wonderful creative things and this is our way of celebrating those people just a little bit.

Seven new collaborative performance works by: Kip Chapman and Ella Mizrahi Martin Horspool and Marion Shortt Natalie Smith and Natalie Hugill Edward Clendon and Freddie Priest Dan Vient and Magdalena O'Conner Serena Stevenson and Megan Smith Dominic Hoey and Kahurangi Carter

So what to do now? Come and see the show.... Maybe you’d like to get on board and be part of the magic? We’re always looking for people to be in the show, people to give us money to make the show and people who might quite like to see the show… reckon you fit in there somewhere? You’ll find Stranger Things on facebook or you can email Lara