Ta Moko

8 - 12 March at 6:30pm
Ticket Prices: Adult $10
Purchase tickets at: https://www.iticket.co.nz/events/2016/mar/ta-moko

A symbol of history, An image of story and a motif of one’s true self, Ta Moko isn't about needle and ink meeting the skin but the journey towards that moment. Ta Moko speaks about the many layers and depths of identity. Ta Moko is about life, the loss of a life and the birth of a new. Imagine submerging your face on the surface of the ocean, diving into the depths of the sea and submerse within the flowing waters. Ta Moko reveals the difference between then and now and embraces the past, present and the future. Through movement and spoken word, PIPA (Pacific Institute of Performing Arts) graduates weave this original story.

50 min

Latecomers cannot be admitted.