The First Asian AB*

September 13 - 18th 2011 at 

Ticket Prices: $13 - $18
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Willy’s a homestay Asian student. Mook’s Samoan and he’s been here for ages. They’re best mates at Timaru High. But when Willy decides his dream is to try out for the All Blacks, mateship – and everything else – is up for grabs. 

A brand new two-hander comedy (mostly) by Renee Liang

Starring Benjamin Teh and Paul Fagamalo.

Directed by Edward Peni. 

A warm ‘feel good’ comedy with serious undertones – examines the question “what makes someone Kiwi?” (is it rugby, racing and beer– or being true to oneself and one’s friends?) 

At frenetic pace, Ben Teh (The Bone Feeder, Odd Socks) and Paul Fagamalo (RENT, Where We Once Belonged) capture multiple characters – including a Samoan aiga, a bored class of thirteen year olds, two entire rugby teams playing each other, and one sassy girl called George.