The Blind Date Project - Silo Theatre

4-29 November 2014 at Preview: 4 Nov7pm (Mon & Tue) 8pm (Wed & Thu) 7pm & 9pm (Fri & Sat)
Ticket Prices: $35-$39 (+ booking fee)

Ticketmaster ph: 09 970 9700
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Bojana Novakovic & Mark Winter with Thomas Henning

The apprehension of going on a blind date is suddenly compounded when a group of people [that’s you, the audience] gather to witness an improvised meeting between two complete strangers in a tacky karaoke bar.

The premise is simple – or so it seems. A woman sits alone waiting for her date to arrive, and that date is a different performer every night. The catch? The actress, “our girl” has no idea who she is about to meet.

These daringly devised encounters are devoid of scripts or rehearsals. No two shows are ever the same. Direction is interactive, sent to the actors live via text message. Interspersed with random karaoke hits, each performance promises to be as unpredictable as it is dangerous. This brave experiment may turn out to be super awkward, tender or totally hot.

Silo Theatre are teaming up with Sydney’s Ride On Theatre to explore the most humiliating impulses in us all: seeking approval, looking for love, saying too much and struggling to impress. It’s gold.

Direction: Tanya Goldberg

Presented in collaboration with Ride On Theatre