The Faustus Project

30 May - 3 Jun, Theatre at 8.00PM
Ticket Prices: $15 - $20
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An actor has made a deal with the devil. Marlowe's Doctor Faustus – one of theatre’s greatest roles – all theirs to perform. One problem: they’ve never rehearsed with the rest of the cast. With a new guest performer in the leading role every night, The Faustus Project promises to be hilarious, a little dangerous and a devilishly good time.

A devised work using the original script by Shakespeare’s good mate Christopher Marlowe, this tragical story follows a man who makes a deal with the devil. For 24 years, Faustus will have unlimited power, money, glory - anything he could ever want. An eternity in hell at the end of it all a small price to pay, right? Faustus doesn't quite know what he's gotten himself into, and neither does our lead actor.