The Feast

15-20 October 2013 at 7.30pm6.30pm (POPdining night)
Ticket Prices: $25 $55 (POPdining night)
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Three inventive shows. Three emerging companies. A mouth-watering feast of fresh theatre.

The Feast is a season of dynamic new theatre works presented as three delectable metaphorical meals. An evening inspired by the traditions of a Samoan banquet, The Feast will welcome you into The Basement with speech and song, and following each show you will taste the flavours and themes explored with a complimentary edible treat.

On Friday 18th October, The Basement will be transformed by POPdining pop-up restaurant, which will serve a three-course dinner menu as an edible expression of each show.

All three works have gone through Red Leap Theatre's Incubator programme, and were then hand selected for Red Leap's Short Works showcase.

Halfatasi Refiner’s Fire Collective

Refiner’s Fire will explore being born into two cultures, and the conflicts that arise when you attempt to define your identity as both. European theatrical tradition marinated in the flavours of Samoan movement and song, served with a side of history and drizzled with identity and crisis.

The Soldier's Heart and The Feathered Girl Le Petit Workshop

An original folk tale of a cursed child born covered in feathers and a beast’s stolen heart. Stuffed with a sweet and sour love story and garnished with 3D and shadow puppetry, striking characters, and magic.

The Clown That Ran Away From The Circus Nikki Bennett and Company

Nikki Bennett and Company tell the tale of a delightfully naive clown who runs away from the circus to explore the big, and often terrifying, city. Immersed in the marinade of clown, projection, and mask – there is a new clown in town.