The Glitta Supernova Experience

22 - 26 March at 8:30pm
Ticket Prices: Adult: $25Concession: $20 Cheap Wednesday: $15
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Camp humour & sexual satire in a parody that’s strictly adults only. Think "The Mighty Boosh" mashed with "Benny hill" on the set of Deep Throat with "The Young ones,” narrating in lotus position.

A delicious (im)moral autobiographical tale of a small town hippy girl lured into the hedonist post-punk nirvana of late 80’s Sydney.

Glitta Supernova self-described sex clown has spent the better part of 20 years attempting to break free of the pecking order & the results speak for themselves, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

60 min

Latecomers cannot be admitted.  18+ Adults Only, Sexual Themes, Adult Content, High Nudity.