The Non-Surgeon's Guide to the Appendectomy

3-7 March at 7pm
Ticket Prices: Adults: $19Conc: $16
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The Non-Surgeon's Guide to the Appendectomy is a hilariously confusing tale about Africa, Coffee and the Appendix. 

Did you know coffee is a rarity in small coastal towns, the appendix is actually a human ticking-time-bomb and travel agents are actually one of New Zealand’s oldest professions?

Neither did Neil until The Non-Surgeons Guide to the Appendectomy appeared at his door.There’s a tiny town in the Coromandel, it’s far away and quite quiet. There are baches and a beach there, and a travel agency too, it’s a nice spot for a holiday.

Jackie and Neil are in one of the baches. Jackie is the host, Neil is the guest. When there are no more books to read or board games to play, Neil finds there’s nothing else to do but let the hospitality of the place wash over him. He plays along with the locals and tries to not lose track, but when he feels his appendix acting up, everything starts coming apart.

With Chris Bryan, Esmée Myers & Kevin Harty

Written by Finnius Teppett

Directed by Jesse Hilford

Set & Costume Design: Christine Urquhart

Lighting Design: Nicole Astrella

Sound Design: Sinisha Milkovic

Graphic Design: Chris Hutchinson