The Offensive Nipple Fundraiser

Monday 22 August at 6.30pm
Ticket Prices: $20 - $50
Purchase tickets at:

Following a sold-out season in March, for ONE NIGHT ONLY this outrageous, celebrated and necessary show will be on at Basement Theatre on MONDAY 22nd AUGUST, complete with Trip Pony and special guests!! This is your sassy chance to support the team before they jet off to Sydney and Melbourne Fringe!

What lives between 'topless' and 'entertainment'? They'll show you! And what better way to start your week than with electric duet Sarah Tuck and Jess Holly Bates.

Where guerilla sketch show meets magical history tour of the female body, there is The Offensive Nipple Show. Exhaling at last with silliness and empowerment, this nipple sitcom from a breast's perspective is all the honesty and humour we need to move the conversation about our bodies somewhere more radical - somewhere more interesting.

Back in February, they debuted their "unapologetically and outrageously hilarious" Offensive Nipples to NZ Fringe, and received the Tiki Tour Ready Melbourne Fringe Award, to appear in a premier venue in the hot international line up.

To get the show there, they need your help! Known for their love of skinny-dipping and public art events, The Offensive Nipple Show is so much more than just a theatre show. And they intend to take the full event platform to Australia, to get more bodies delighted to be in their own skin!

They know you don't have all the monies, even though you wish you did. Even though they wish you did. So they've got a sliding scale of ticket prices from $20-$50, so you can give as much or as little as you can afford, and still be part of the happily Offensive team!!