The Selecta

12 - 26 July at From 6pm
Ticket Prices: $10 - $20
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Roll up! Roll up! A carnival of 3 shows created and performed by the freshest talent in town:

SKIN - 6.30pm

Skin on skin! Skin in skin! Skinned alive! Eavesdrop on the conversation of eight young Aucklanders as they expose secrets, lies and the naked truth in this collision of spoken word and theatre.Directed by Grace Taylor


GIANT TEETH - 7.30pm

Vaudeville for the 21st Century! An evening of amazing acts! Featuring musicians, minstrels, and teenage misfits of extreme proportions! Why become a contortionist? Because you wanna' fit in! Get your freak on!

Directed by Laurel Devenie & Katy Maudlin. 


DNA - 9pm

Think of the worst thing you could do and times it by 10,000. Try getting out of trouble by sinking deeper into shit. Imagine a rollercoaster ride... where someone ends up dead. That's DNA.  A high octane thriller played to a soundtrack mixed by our resident DJ.

Written by Dennis Kelly.


See all three shows on the same night and get up to 27% off with the Marathon Pass.

Presented by ATC’s young company, Next Big Thing.




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