The Seven Funerals of Charlie Morris & The Carnival of Torture

29 July 2012 at 6.30pm and 8pm
Ticket Prices: $15 For One Show$20 For Both!!
Purchase tickets at:

A fundraiser for our old mate Chris Neels....

He was recently offered a place at a pretty cool Drama School in the UK to do his Masters. He's pretty excited, BUT its really expensy, so he is doing this little fundraiser to help hurl him in the right direction! This night of awesome entertainment includes....

6:30pm The Seven Funerals of Charlie Morris

Featuring: Ash Jones Chris Neels Ella Beacroft

If you missed out on its sold out season last time here is a chance to see it! People quite liked it last time.

8pm The Carnival of Torture. Live put the Ping Pong ball in the Clowns Mouth Game Dunk the Clown And so much more,,,,

Featuring Nic Sampson Ash Jones Julia Croft Virginia Frankovich Tama Jarman Andrew Ford Chris Neels

Come with a couple of friends and bid on actors to perform on your behalf in Carnival style games. If the actor you bid on wins the game, you win tickets towards some amazing prizes (Legit Amazing Prizes too, not just $2 shop plastic)


If you would like to book tickets, Please Post on the facebook wall what you would like and Chris will put them aside! Also Please invite your friends!

So please help him out, its a Sunday and it will be fun! Promise!