The Slapdash Assassin

25 Feb - 8th Mar 2014 at 8pm
Ticket Prices: Adults $25
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County Meath, Ireland.

Jerome, raised by his Grandfather, ex-Gardai Inspector Seamus, has dedicated his life to finishing the work Seamus left unfinished; cleaning Ireland of the criminals that the law cannot touch. By any means necessary.

This is Ireland, however, where history, particularly family history, has a habit of getting in the way.

Enter a Catholic priest with his own confession to make, a self confessed “bad Bishop”, a school teacher whose lessons are just beginning, and a shadowy figure for whom the troubles never ended, and this small farm is going to be the site of secrets, scandal and sedition.

Oh, did we mention it’s a comedy?

Join comedian Jeremy Elwood (TV’s 7 days) in a contemporary take on the underlying issues facing modern day Ireland; religion, politics, forgiveness and what really constitutes terrorism; all wrapped up in a family drama and laugh out loud comedy. As “black as a pint of Guinness” the script, in the vein of ‘Boondock Saints’ and ‘In Bruges’, treats no subject as taboo, but injects strong musings on the nature of violence and the failings of history with incredibly sharp, and achingly funny dialogue.

“It is savagely funny but has a truthful pulse which never skips a beat through a series of startling and sometimes shocking events. There is a potent sting in this tale… There is plenty of laughter, plenty of wit, but under it all events more inevitably lead to a conclusion as humorously bitter as could be imagined.” –