The Watercooler: Holiday

5 November at 8.30 pm
Ticket Prices: $12
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Planning. Travel. Destination. Bliss. Easy, what could go wrong?

We all chase the break, the respite, the recess, the vacation – the space and freedom to be temporarily away from our lives. But when your head and body arrive, put down their luggage, and check-in to a HOLIDAY – what happens next?

In this “beachy” edition of The Watercooler, four speakers share entertaining, thoughtful and jubilant holiday stories.

Inspired by many well-known storytelling events and podcasts held worldwide (The Moth, This American Life), The Watercooler is a platform for people from all walks to tell stories both true and imagined. Storytellers are given a simple brief to share a story inspired by the month’s theme, whether based on real-life experiences or entirely fictional.

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R16 - Some content may offend.

Latecomers cannot be admitted.