The Watercooler Issue 12: Dating

27 November 2014 at 9.30pm
Ticket Prices: $10 at door

This month to celebrate Silo Theatre's The Blind Date Project, being held at The Basement all month, The Watercooler is doing a special dating issue on their very set.

That's right we will be in the theatre this time around (our one year anniversary) and you will get a taste of the great improv production, by sitting at their fantastic karaoke-bar tables and seeing their amazing set done by Celery Productions.

This issue's speakers:

1920550_777163469007185_4891146521928711227_nCalum Gittins

Calum was born and raised in Auckland, traveled to London to pursue his dream of acting, and returned triumphantly to New Zealand because of the abundance of high-paying acting work. You can catch him in his starring role as a waiter in a Ponsonby restaurant three nights a week depending on his roster.

Alice Harbourne

1920546_775449399178592_3451237253386401198_nAlice was born in the south of England, raised in the north, sounds posh but really isn't. She's accidentally relocated to New Zealand twice now, and still isn't 100% sure why. She does know that she likes the food, which is lucky as she works as the Online Editor for Dish magazine. In her spare time she sends people on blind dates for Gather and Hunt, and is an old fashioned romantic at heart.

Meredith Rehburg

10426069_775096785880520_3257343024177000144_nWhen she isn't monitoring offenders on Home Detention, she's working on busting out as a Stage Manager. She has an adopted 7kg cat called Salem, is partial to the T Swizzle, and currently lives with the Watercooler host in an old private hospital turned film commune. Meredith hopes to one day run the Beyonce global tour, and have a sexy DJ set called Mind Blowing Sax.