They Saw A Thylacine

18-22 February 2014 at 9pm
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Sarah: This is a play. A play about the thylacine.
Justine: Cool. Can we put in giants, centaurs and ghosts?
Sarah: Look, we’re going to make a serious drama. Ok. The thylacine is extinct.
Justine: Is it? That’s a shame.
Sarah: Yeah, REALLY sad.
Justine: Yeah. Pause. Long Pause. Can we have dry ice?
Sarah: We’ll see.

Winner: Best Performance Melbourne Fringe 2013

Winner: Tiki Tour Ready Award, supported by New Zealand Fringe 2013

On an unseasonably cold September day in 1936, the last known Tasmanian Tiger died in captivity at Hobart's Beaumaris Zoo. Nearly 80 years after the disappearance of a species, Sarah and Justine believe this story should be told.
A story of extinction and survival, with dry ice (maybe).

‘A rare and moving feat of theatrical storytelling’ – The Age

‘Pitch perfect performances…funny as they are heartbreaking’ –