This Is Our Youth: A Play by Kenneth Lonergan

7-18 April at 7pm
Ticket Prices: Adult $20Concession $18 (equity members, community service card holders & groups of 4+)
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A f*ck up with stolen cash.

A charismatic drug dealer who knows how to spend it.

Throw in a wayward prep-school girl and they'll find the road to adulthood is paved with betrayal.

Less effectual than they think - more sophisticated than their parents realise - they're out in the world and they're on their own.

Kenneth Lonergan's seminal snapshot of 80's America is a tense, voyeuristic expose of an insurgent generation adrift.

“Some words about it being on broadway”

A play for anyone who's ever been young, hopeful and completely ill-equipped.

Directed by Benjamin Henson

Designed by Christine Urquhart

Note: Contains strong language, drug use and mature themes.