This Kitchen Is Not Imaginary

10-14 April 2012 at 8pm
Ticket Prices: $15-$18
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WOMAN: Why aren’t you dead yet?MAN: I don’t want to rush this. WOMAN: It’s okay. You can hurry. I don’t mind. MAN: Okay. WOMAN: Goodnight.

In order to escape his troubles, a man builds a boat within the confines of his own mind. A dark fairytale adventure begins to unfold involving vicious sharks, stupid lumberjacks and a bizarre personification of the man’s problems who just won’t leave him alone. This Kitchen is Not Imaginary is a visually daring tale which involves the use of amazing puppetry, dynamic and transforming sets and highly stylised physicality - a truly unique theatrical experience. From writer Ben Anderson (Go on Waiting, Circustown, 2010, “An original tale presented with fervent performances” – Theatreview) and director Samantha Molyneux (Graduate of NASDA and Unitec’s Performing and Screen Arts majoring in Directing for Theatre), This Kitchen is Not Imaginary is guaranteed to impress.