18-22 February 2014 at 7pm
Ticket Prices: $12-$15
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A workshop season of THREE

... A verbatim play about two friends, The Big Bang and an extraordinary ordinary story.

Have you ever been curious about the world you live in?

Bare Hunt Collective, the creators of critically acclaimed MUNTED (“Powerful and humane, yet often humorous” – John Smythe, Theatreview ) are back with their third show ‘Three: a mostly verbatim and very true workshop performance.’

Three is the journey of three daughters. In New Zealand there lives a woman. She has been sick for nine months. She talked and Bare Hunt Collective listened. Now it's all on the table. How do you tell the story of a life? Where do you begin? Especially when all you have is two performers, a sound guy and a bubble gun. From Bare Hunt Collective comes the life story of an extraordinary ordinary woman…In a hospital a baby is taken; two people fall in love; a daughter orbits her life and the big black spider appears. What stories will erupt into the spoken as the performers connect the dots of a life? With Three, the audience are in the midst of it all. We can see you all and need your help.

A public forum will follow Wednesday, Thursday and Friday performances. Guest speakers from the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation will be attending the forum on Thursday 20th February.

Nothing beats ‘truth' when it comes to good theatre. There are many ways of seeking it out and sharing it, and the Bare Hunt Collective's ‘documentary/verbatim' genre is an extremely compelling and effective one. – John Smythe, Theatreview

About the producers: Based in Auckland, Bare Hunt Collective is one of New Zealand’s premiere verbatim theatre companies, dedicated to making theatre that matters, for everyday New Zealanders.