Tranceformatorium - Hypnosis & Mindreading Live!

9 August at 9:30pm
Ticket Prices: $20 - $25
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Timon Krause is a Hypnotist and Mindreader from Amsterdam. He has played his show internationally with big success over the last years. During his visit in New Zealand this winter he will play his show live at the Basement Theatre.
 Timon is the current Dutch Champion of Mentalism 2014. He is also the youngest mindreader ever to win the title of Dutch Champion of Mentalism.

 Come along and witness the amazing demonstrations of hypnosis, watch how minds are read with perfect ease and enjoy this surreal one-of-a-kind show with Timon.

You may either watch the show unfold live from your cosy theatre seat or get right into the action and experience what it's like to have your mind read or to be hypnotised. Everything Timon does is safe and no volunteers will be embarassed or harmed at all - everyone will have a great time on and off stage. That's a promise.

We invite you to see this charming young man's show live and to enjoy this evening of wonder.