Transit of Venus vs Nosferatu

11 February 2012 at 8pm
Ticket Prices: $20
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Transit of Venus is a mutable project band hatched by Auckland based composer/songwriter and multi- instrumentalist Kristie Addison. Nosferatu is a german expressionist silent horror film created in 1922 by F.W.Murnau.

Transit of Venus vs. Nosferatu is an 84 minute long rock-opera style concept album performed live in accompaniment to a screening of the movie. The music gifts new emotion and narrative to the classic horror film, beautiful progressive soundscapes are dotted with starry eyed songs about love and death. It’s a modern musical interpretation of the olden-time romance and tragedy, and not without a touch of ironic humour. The music is written from the perspective of a 2000s twenty-something- year-old who sees Murnaus’ “Nina” as a far more inspiring heroine that Meyers’ “Bella”.

Performed for the first time in 2009 as a ‘once off’ show at TAPAC, the music was recorded and released online and has been loved by secret sprinklings of underground music fans from many corners of the world.

2012’s show has been reworked and partly rewritten, and is presented by a mostly new line-up of performers; Adam Willis, Diamond Fist Willie, James Kupa and Kristie Addison.