Up on Lowman

23 February & 1 March at 7 - 8pm
Ticket Prices: Adult $18Concession $15
Purchase tickets at: http://www.iticket.co.nz/events/2015/feb/up-on-lowman

The year is…the future. Earth’s done. It’s gone. We fucked it.

The only survivors are cast adrift in the Universe looking for a new home.

Cue: Planet Lowman. An Empire ruled by a monarchy obsessed with wealth.

Xandor, our extra-terrestrial environmentalist, stumbles across our humans. One of the humans in particular, Cheryl,our no-nonsense kiwi heroine, catches Xandor’s eye.

Can an interstellar relationship last? Is it even possible? (Y’know what we mean.)

With Elizabeth McMenamin and Chelsea McEwan Millar