Velcro City

18-22 February 2014 at 7.30pm
Ticket Prices: $15
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Back by popular demand, Eli and Hamish return to The Basement with another visual and comedic feast!
Velcro City is a live-action cartoon following the lives of citizens in a city held together by hooks and hoops. Get set for a visual and comedic feast, with the entire set and costumes drawn in wicked Crayola felt-tips. Two time winners of ‘Best Comedy’ at the Auckland Fringe,* Eli and Hamish don onesie jumpsuits covered in Velcro strips to portray dozens of characters in the story of a city turned on its head.

“World class performances and genuinely funny”
– Rhys Darby

“A delight to watch”

“Another slam dunk comedy from Matthewson and Parkinson”
- Lumiere

*Best Comedy 2011 – Square Eye Pair, Best Comedy 2013 – Velcro City