Wild Bees

16 - 20 September at 8pm
Ticket Prices: Adult: $25Union member: $22 Concession: $20
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Contains Bad Language and Dirty Politics

“Any idiot can balance the books by selling the f**king furniture. Piss away the country’s assets on the Stock market”

1991, a corporate conference room in Wellington. As $23 billion of New Zealand assets are flogged to the highest bidder and labour laws are rewritten, a union team renegotiates their contract with the company after it’s sold offshore.

Polite tolerance between the parties turns to name-calling and petty-point scoring across the negotiating table before finally descending into betrayal, threats and illegal acts. Wild Bees is the funny, vicious truth about New Zealand in the 1990’s.

Passions boil over, allegiances are forged and broken and the consequences of economic theory are given a human, if not always pretty, face.

Written by Phil Ormsby and directed by Stuart Devenie, Wild Bees stars, Donogh Rees, Kevin Keys, Alistair Browning, Wesley Dowdell, Emma Newborn, Damien Avery, Alexander Campbell, Jordan Blaikie and Alex Ellis.

Based on a true story.

PLEASE NOTE: Seats are unallocated, so we recommend coming early to get a good one. Also, 90% of the time we cannot accommodate late comers as entry is often directly onto the stage.

Running time 120 minutes, 15 minute intermission