Winter Season

May - August 2016 at
Ticket Prices: $13 - $25
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This winter things are going to be so icy hot you'll be wondering if you've accidentally slept in a rubbish bag full of Tiger Balm™. Summer is long gone but you won't miss it bathed in the toasty glow of brilliant theatre with a warming bevvy in each mitten-clad hand (or glove-clad if you're a glove person, up to you). Who needs beaches and sunshine when you can tuck yourself away in the sweaty-but-loving embrace of your favorite theatre, Basement Theatre. That's us. Hello.

So what is in store for us in this desolate season of "ice" and "snow"? Glad you asked! In addition to the NEW Matariki season, we'll have our expected smorgasboard of stupendous shows thematically diverse as ever. Athenian Queens. Hip-hop espionage. Capitalism. Boobs. Pianists. Puppets. Potato Stamps. And more. So so so much more you can abandon all hope of becoming an Olympic curler like you've always talked about because you won't be able to tear your sweet little eyes away from these shows, or your sweet little butt from one of our iconic blue benches.

It's winter at Basement, baby, and it theatricold outside (man do we wish that made more sense).