Yeti is Dead/I am Tom

Sat 28 April, Tue 1 - Sat 5 May 2012 at 7pm
Ticket Prices: $14-$20
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Dan’s CV: Blenheim. Sensitive cock. Overdue videos. No hope. Underbelly.Medlock, Musgrove and Sainsbury present

Yeti is Dead/I am Tom

Nat’s CV: Te Puke. Nice personalities. Exploring Polynesian culture. Shortland St.

Tom’s CV: Manawatu. Writes a play a day to keep the doctor a gay. SuperCity.

Tom has killed the Yeti that broke up his marriage. Now, fat and alone, he finds comfort in new flatmates Dan and Nat. Watch juggernauts collide. Expect cunning wordplay, hip-contemp dialogue, relatable sitchos, new characterinos, and bad accents.