Young and Hungry 2014 - Registrations are now open

Due Friday 12 July at
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This October Young and Hungry is back at The Basement!

Want to be discovered? Well, we want to discover you.

Registrations are now open for actors, designers, stage managers and technicians.

If you are between 15 and 25 and want to make some theatre with us, then we'd love to hear from you.

The Young and Hungry Festival of New Theatre is for giving up-and coming, young performers and production crew the chance to participate in a professionally-mentored season of exciting, new New Zealand plays.

Register now for an audition or interview and help us find you. We are looking for all levels of experience and high levels of awesome.

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Y&H 2014 shows:

Uncle Minotaur

Greta is a weird kid. The other girls don't like her, her Dad left, and her Mum won't get off the computer. When she starts seeing things that aren't there she has to make a choice - is she going to let all this ride or get brave and wreak some Greek classical carnage? From the author of GAMEPLAN comes a new drama about eye surgery, being brave and dealing with your monsters.

Second Afterlife 

Dan has done it all – Facebook, Bebo, Warcraft, that unfortunate foray on NZDating. Profiles, used and deleted. Now he’s ready to reinvent himself. It’s time for a new profile. However, there’s a hitch. It turns out there’s a Second Afterlife - a dark underworld of the internet, it is a very real and dangerous landscape of broken memes, deleted pages, and the ghosts of profiles past…

In order to forge a new identity, Dan has to face up to his internet history: the Bebo emo, Warcraft gamer, and NZDating casanova. They’re cooler, savvier, and shot from more flattering angles. And they’re not going down without a fight. Second Afterlife is a dark comedy about life (and death) in the digital age. Inspired by Dante’s Inferno, and in the tradition of Scott Pilgrim vs the World, it is a twisted allegory for the facebook generation – a poetic, ass-kicking romp to the darkest corners of web.