Young and Hungry

27 September - 12 October 2013 at 7pm and 8.30pm
Ticket Prices: $20 (one show)$30 (both shows) $25 (both shows - under 25s)
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After auditioning and interviewing over 150 aspiring actors, stage managers, designers and technicians aged between 15 and 25, The Basement is proud to give Auckland audiences the next generation of theatre-makers with the The Young & Hungry Festival Of New Theatre 2013 playing this September 27 – October 12 at The Basement.

Y&H gives up-and-coming young performers and production crews the chance to participate in a professionally-mentored season of exciting, new New Zealand plays.

Produced in association with the Young and Hungry Arts Trust, The Basement presents the fourth year of Auckland's Y&H festival, nurturing and celebrating our undiscovered talent.

Get Discovered - Get Excited - Get Going!

This year's plays, Dragonlore and Atlas/Mountains/Dead Butterflies have been written by Auckland's Nic Sampson (Bombs Away, Megachristmas) and Joseph Harper (Honey, Bikes I’ve Owned Versus Girls I’ve Fallen In Love With) respectively. Although vastly different in style and genre both explore the responsibility of being young - the pressure of having the time of your life and saving the world all at once.

Their works will be helmed by this year’s directing talents; Curtis Vowell (Fantail) and the team of Amelia Reid (Shortland St) and Shadon Meredith (Goodbye My Felini, Le Tonu).

Young and Hungry alumni include: Taika Waititi (Boy), Loren Horsley (Eagle vs Shark), Brett McKenzie (Flight of the Concords) and Michelle Ang (Outrageous Fortune).

Other Young and Hungry participants such as Arthur Meek (The Upside-down of the World), Jo Randerson (Cow), David Lawrence (The Bacchanals), Thomas Sainsbury (Supercity), Lauren Jackson (I’m Going to Mum’s), Jackie Van Beek (Go the Dogs), Eli Kent (Like There’s No Tomorrow) and Dave Armstrong (Niu Sila) are now leaders within the New Zealand arts industry.

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DRAGONLORE by Nic Sampson


Directed by Curtis Vowell (Fantail)

A brief introduction to the world of LARPing (Live Action Role Playing);

Step 1: Go to the woods. Or your parent’s farm. Or somewhere with at least one tree. Step 2: Dress up as your favorite wizard, goblin, half-cat half-person. Step 3: Get into character….what does your half-cat half-person sound like? What are their dreams? Fears? Thoughts on local Government? Step 4: Fight each other with foam sticks. Step 5: Let your imagination run wild!

Dragonlore is a bitter-sweet comedy set in the (mostly) unknown and oft-scorned world of LARPing. But when you really think about it, cricket is a weird game too.



Directed by Amelia Reid and Shadon Meredith (Goodbye My Felini)

Rhys and Phoebe live together at 10 Stencil Terrace, where their tap is dripping. Rhys wants to do something. Phoebe doesn’t. Together and apart, they’re shaken into action/inaction as Atlas buckles under the weight of the world. Activists, statues, plumbers, and hundreds of millions of dead butterflies fall into their lives as they wait for it to snow, and the taps go drip, drip, drip.