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Basement Lovers Club

The Basement Lovers Club, is our ever-growing group of ardent Basement supporters. They are people with a passion for supporting the development of Auckland's brightest emerging, and expansion artists. They believe in offering affordable arts experiences. They are people like you.

The ways they support us are as diverse as they are. Some like to support us for a particular activity (like our Schools Programme), while others prefer to collaborate, giving their time and expertise. Some just hand us a paper bag full of unmarked bills and we don’t ask any questions.

Regardless of how they show us love, we love them all back, and we guarantee that if you choose to support the Basement we will love you too. So either donate now or email us at to start something beautiful. You won’t regret it.

Love, Basement xx



How Much Should you Donate?

People often want to know how much they should donate to join our Basement Lovers Club. The answer is, as much as you want to and can afford, we love all our lovers! Here is a bit of a guide to let you know what your donation could mean for us, and what it will mean for you as a Lovers Club member.



Donations up to $300

For Us:

Goes towards the costs to run this fecking awesome venue for all you beautiful people!

For You:

  • So much love and hugs from Basement.
  • A thank you post on Facebook (if you want it).
  • Access to our Lovers Quarterly Newsletter.
  • A thank you card that you can put on your fridge.


Donations between $300 - $1,500

For Us:

This could pay for a school to get to a show, or might cover costs for one Idea in Residence artist for one year.

For You:

All of the above, AND

  • A Lovers Pack (complete with heart wrapping & goodies inside),
  • Invitations to our Season Launch events (Summer, Winter, Spring)
  • Invitations to exclusive Patron Night events (Drinks, nibbles and a show in Summer, Winter, Spring and the annual Christmas Show)


Donations over $1,500

For Us:

Your donations could cover the costs of one Schools Programme show, allowing 100 students to see a show at Basement free of charge!

For You:

All of the above, and:

  • Acknowledgement on our Wall of Love at the Theatre entrance
  • Access to complimentary tickets (for two) to any Basement show.


Donations and bequests over $10,000:

For Us:

Your donation could make it possible for one of our Basement artists to tour a show to visit all of our Schools Programme schools. This is great for the artist's development, as well being an awesome experience for the schools.

For You:

All of the above, and the chance to haunt Basement Theatre for all eternity.


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