Chloe Klein on Mea Tau. Sweat, Stamina, Humour and Emotion

What can we expect from the show? You can definitely expect a lot of sweat and ‘oooooooh that was close’ moments. We are offering stamina, humour and emotion through a contemporary dance performance that is accessible for anyone and everyone! It’s been important to us to create an experience that can be shared with you even if dance isn’t your usual go-to. Hopefully you’ll feel that questioning niggle of thought too. The boys have been working hard to bring our brotherhood through our unique style of dance, breath, and play.

How did you choose your particular weapons?

The questions that guided us through our development process were: What are weapons? Who are they? When are weapons weapons? The subject/object dialogue can feel very grey and sentimental- we don’t have any answers or resolutions to that conflict, we wanted to engage with all that grey through a traditionally masculine case study.

What reaction are you hoping the show gets?

We would really love to see fresh faces excited and connecting through dance. It’s your cousin’s girlfriend’s league coach that comes along not knowing what to expect but ends up really engaging and appreciating the experience that we value highly.

What are you looking forward to seeing at the Fringe Festival?

Fringe brings out the best in the artist community. Seeing artists support other artists in that low budget Fringey spirit warms.

Mea Tau is on at The Basement Theatre from 28 Feb – 04 Mar