Eliza Sanders on Castles: the absurd, ambiguous and resonant

How would you describe the show in a sentence?

Nonsense revealing truth. Dance, song, absurdist text and colourful costumes - a woman lets you into her subconscious as she experiences an amusing, bemusing journey.

What inspired the show?

So many things! - David Bowie songs, ridiculous situations I’ve found myself in, hilarious things I overhear people saying, the movie Chicken Run, chickens in general, word play, absurd poetry, Robin Williams, looking at a lake upside-down so the water becomes the sky, Kate Bush, love affairs, broken hearts, broken china, traveling

How did you choose the different mediums to tell the message?

The medium is the message! kinda

Also I wanted to engage people on as many levels as I could as a solo performer so I experiment with doing lots of different things (sometimes all at once). I work with movement, voice (text and song), evocative costuming/ transformative props and some recorded music tracks. Each different elements adds another piece to the puzzle that the other languages can’t communicate in some way. They also comment on and contradict each other so even more nuanced meanings can be discovered.

I like when the message people receive is vastly different to what I intended! That way I get to keep learning from the show. It reminds me how different every audience members experience can be. I believe in the power of ambiguity so that each person can find their own unique resonance in a shared experience.

What do you love about Fringe festivals?

PEOPLE! Friendly enthusiastic people who care about art, sharing and people!

I also love the chance to try new things and discuss openly the value of what is being created/ presented!