All The Feelings

What inspired the show?

A call for help at a stupid hour of the night, followed by a gentle nudge to write some words. This show is a palimpsest of stories collected from our lives. Our friends and your friends - friends you stay up all night with, talking shit together whilst hanging upside down on the couch. The subtext that lies underneath those seemingly superficial conversations - the complexities of platonic relationships that we hide or suppress. Friends that you see every day. Friends you drift apart from. Friends you call at midnight to cry into a your cold dinner with. Friends you drive to the beach with at 2am. Friends who disappoint you. Friends who you're a disappointment for. Friends who are only your friends because you collide with them frequently. Friends who are needy. Friends who call or text two, six, ten times a day. Feelings. All the feelings. Fucking feelings.

How did this collaboration between The Sunlight Liquid Collective and Black Sheep Productions come about?

Georgie and Natalie both have words. We both have bodies that move. We both have thoughts about the world around us. We both stay up far too late. We over-think everything. We both want to say something about how over-thinking those thoughts about friends makes us feel.

Black Sheep need Liquid Sunlight to pull them out of the dark. We didn't know each other until a mutual friend introduced us, after Georgie conceived 2am Phone Call in her head and then told the mutual friend about it. Our friendship is forming as we make this play about friendship. It's very special and difficult and awesome.

What are the central questions, themes, or conflicts that lies at the heart of the work for you?

Why is it so bloody hard to talk to the people we're closest to? Shouldn't they love us no matter what?

Should they answer our call at two in the morning... for five nights in a row?

When do we cross the line? How much can you take? Why do we always feel so goddamm sad? What's the best way get to sleep - counting sheep? Drinking six cups of tea? Pulling the covers up over your head? Why is it raining outside? We miss the rain... we miss how it makes us feel. Why do we run away from painful stuff? It's never really going to get any better or worse. Why do we run away from things that make us upset, instead of just saying, "I am really upset!"? Why are human beings so silly and intricate and beautifully pitiful ?

How would you like the show to make the audience feel?

We want you to feel... something. Feel your feelings writhing around inside of you, and be okay with that. Can you be okay with that? We're okay with that. We have a lot of feelings, too, so we know how it feels to feel. Maybe you'll feel like you could jump and your body would never hit the ground. Maybe you'll feel sad. Disconnected. You might feel the stories we share with you surging from the pits of your being - because they're your stories, too. You might feel nostalgic for memories that aren't even yours. Just feel. Feel those feelings. Good, healthy feelings. Feelings. Fucking feelings. Fuck.

2am Phone Call is on at Basement 14-18 Nov