Blissful Moments, Musical STDs

Jonty caught up with Thomas Sainsbury…

What inspired the show?

Jason and I wanted to do a musical together so we sat down and brainstormed a whole lot of ideas, hoping to strike on one that interested us both. We wanted something edgy and a bit dark, and very humorous, so personifying STDs seemed to fit the bill. We came up with a few ideas, but that was the one that shone through.

Any favourite moments from developing / rehearsing the show?

Sitting with Jason in his living room, coming up with lyrics. There’s a real art to it, and I’ve got so much to learn. But when we hit upon the funniest lyric it was bliss. I’ve also loved working with musical actors. They are a breed of their own. So sweet!

What have you learnt from the other musicals you’ve developed?

That a song can be many rhythms. I’ve got some sort of limerick formula locked in my head. So it’s great to work with someone like Jason, who can make any group of words ‘scan’ into a rhythm. Also that cheesy can be so brilliant.

Finally, what are you looking forward to seeing at the Fringe Festival?

Everything! It’s all so exciting. Can’t wait to see Silo’s Revolt she said. Also Alice Canton is always a winner. But I’m liking the idea of the Salon upstairs.

Infectious runs 21 - 25 Feb at the Basement Theatre