Taking You Back to that Magic!

Basement blogger, Jonty, caught up with Dean and Adrianne from Jingles...

How did the concept for the show come about?

I've had these jingles stuck in my head for around 25 years now - sometimes they bust out when I least expect them, like while I'm driving on my scooter or walking my dog. At some stage it got to the point where I thought that I find a way to put these jingles to good use. So the idea of using them for a musical came to fruition.

Any favourite moments to share from the development of the show?

I think the best moments so far have been discovering the ways to reinterpret the jingles so that they work in brand new contexts. Some of those are through transforming the musical arrangements, and some have just been through dropping jingles in quite inappropriate moments...!

Were you expecting it to be so successful at the NZ Fringe?

No, we didn't expect to win three awards. We did think we had a crowd-pleaser though - the show trades heavily on its nostalgia value, as well as a dark streak of humour which seemed to go down pretty well. But even now, I'm told by people that Jingles was a highlight of the year for them, which goes to prove the staying power of these awesome tunes.

Where there any jingles you really wanted to include but couldn't?

Many! But I didn't want to change any lyrics as I felt that would be cheating, so some jingles were too hard to squeeze into a narrative - such as Skyline "Gotta get a gottage". I also wouldn't use jingles that were originally songs, so Sleepyhead "On Top of the World" was out, along with many others. Some had great tunes but they weren't long enough, such as Briscoes "You'll never buy better" or The Warehouse "Where Everyone Gets a Bargain", so we found other ways of including those bits into the story like cellphone rings or elevator music.

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