A discussion with White Light Falls

osted on November 3, 2016 by Basement

Our blogger sat down with Maddy Powell, one of the choreographers behind White Light Falls, opening next week in the Theatre.

What can we expect from the show?

You can expect aesthetically pleasing imagery created through a unique quality of movement and exciting lighting designs, and some awesome beats originally composed for White Light Falls by Roydon Christensen. We are using five lights to complement the five dancers performing. You’ll watch us dig deep into our personal findings on our relationships and support networks. Throughout the work there are three very different duets, each with a different take on those networks. Through experimenting with a specific way of moving that is interesting and aesthetically pleasing to us, you can expect to see how these last three years we have been through together have brought us closer and created a strong unbreakable network among us.

Who / where do you draw inspiration from?

Specifically for this work I’ve drawn inspiration from my co-choreographer Emily and my mum. Emily has been a very close friend of mine for a while, and throughout our last year of Unitec (when we performed our first development of the work) she always kept the studio atmosphere positive for our cast. She was able to both take on suggestions from the group and smoothly make suggestions, and she inspires me to continue to work this way everyday. My mum was another huge inspiration of mine. She was probably the most positive I know, she had such a kind heart and would go far beyond if anyone needed help. Unfortunately, this amazing women is recently not with us any more but the most inspirational thing she taught me was to just keep moving forward.

What were your greatest learning’s from your time at Unitec?

Throughout my time at Unitec, I think one of my greatest learnings was to collaborate; starting with a strong idea is one thing, however developing it with a group of people can be overwhelming. I learnt quickly how to listen and interpret what my classmates’ experiences were on the concept, forcing me and the co-choreographer to make decisions on the spot and quickly, then vocalising them clearly. This skill I feel has helped me towards developing this work throughout this year.

What has been the most difficult part of the production?

I feel the hardest part was discovering there’s more to a show then just the piece itself. We are lucky enough to have such a strong team and guidance from artists in the industry, so it has been smooth, however it was a shock at first I think to see how much goes into putting on a show.

White Light Falls will be on at the Basement from November 8 – 12. More information and tickets can be found here. More of Jonty’s writing can be found on his blog