The better best album party

Posted on September 13, 2016 by Basement

Our blogger Jonty chatted to TYLA and DENI$, aka Frith Horan and Kate McGill, about the sequel to last year’s pop extravaganza, Better Best Album Party Anyone Has Been Two, on in the Studio this week.

What inspired the show?

The show started with a couple of diva like characters we created in a cafe in Christchurch in 2011, over a couple of years, we (Frith and Kate) made up some really fun tongue-in-cheek songs, and then we started to think there was probably an audience for this work.

ALBUM PARTY became a show for everyone, but primarily the young ones who don’t necessarily frequent the theatre. We wanted to make something that would make them have a sweet LOL, but also engage in.

What can we expect from the show?

Chart topping, foot stomping, ear-worm inducing music and a walk through memory lane with your ‘favourite’ early 2000s pop group TYLA&Deni$.

It’s basically a concert spectacular with a story about how two failed pop starz are trying to climb their way back into the nation’s good graces.

What did you learn from the original Best Possible Album Party experience?

Our first show focused on an entirely different issue – cultural appropriation in performance. We were committed to investigating this whilst still making a high energy, fun show, for younger audiences. Our season went really well but we realised that maybe this particular show wasn’t the place to explore that territory, it was a big thing we were trying to address.

So, this time we have decided to bring it closer to home and focus on the tall poppy syndrome in NZ. We reckon this makes the show and its humour more relatable as it’s all about these characters who believe they are superstars, in a country that doesn’t really do the whole ‘Superstar’ thing.

How have you coped with second album syndrome?

It’s been tough, generating new songs, trying to pinpoint what our fans want – We live for them. We took a year off to really let the music breath, finally it called to us. The fans are our constant inspiration, so we think they’ll be happy with our foray into writing about food cravings and financial strife. There’s some deep, spiritual stuff in there.

The Better Best Possible Album Party Anyone Has been Two is on in the Studio from the 13 – 17 Sep. Tickets can be booked here. Read more of Jonty’s posts on his blog.