A hip-hop espionage parody?

Posted on July 30, 2016 by Basement

Our blogger Jonty caught up with the Dynamotion team to discuss their newest comedy/dance/espionage drama-parody Mia Blonde in: “Ice Dagger”, on at Basement August 2 – 13.

What inspired the show?

It all started with us loving how camp ski outfits can be. And then we thought about doing a ‘ski’ dance. And then we wondered what the dynamics of the ski dance could be – someone chasing someone else perhaps? And then we wondered about a James Bond inspired story, but switching the genders around. And voila! Mia Blonde in “The Ice Dagger” was born.

Tell us about the writing process, how much is scripted versus developed through improvisation?

The show is completely plotted out before we start the choreography. We came up with a ludicrous story and then compared it to actual James Bond film storylines, and it turned out we weren’t even being that ludicrous. Next we chose songs for each ‘scene’ that encompassed the tone of it. We delved into a lot of 1960s music though there are some modern club bangers as well. And then we choreographed the songs, keeping in mind what story beats we needed to show. So there are dancing car chase scenes, and dancing through security laser scenes, and ice skating scenes to name a few. During the rehearsal process we always make discoveries around the characters and choreography that become integrated into the show.

What are some of your strongest comic influences?

We are actually more influenced by serious art/artists that we then parody. So Mia Blonde is a piss-take of James Bond obviously. Our previous shows have paid homage to 70’s slasher horrors, 90’s Sci-fi, 60’s exploitation and classic zombie films. Our dancing, done by seriously trained dancers, might be interpreted as serious and earnest. But the fact that we are doing it, usually elicits laughter.

How difficult it is to avoid corpsing? (unintentionally breaking character by laughing)

Tom is 100% professional and would never corpse. Lara and some of the other (lesser) dancers struggle to maintain their professionalism. Tom usually has to have ‘words’ with them.

How much of a constraint / imaginative opportunity is having limited space and budget to pull off avalanches and ski chases?

Well, the show is very low budget and the ceiling of The Basement is very low. But we are embracing that. And boy, are audiences going to be thrilled with our flimsy plastic skis and handguns (Our hands in the shape of guns.) But a shitty aesthetic is part of our schtick. The great thing about a Dynamotion show is that what you lack in budget you can make up for in interpretive dance.

Catch Dynamotion’s Mia Blonde in: “Ice Dagger” August 2 – 13 in the Theatre. For more Dynamotion antics visit their Youtube channel. More of Jonty’s writing can be found on his blog