Q&A with the masterminds behind Callback

Posted on September 22, 2015 by Basement

How would you describe Callback: Behind Frenemy Lines in one sentence…

An epic showdown between 2 actresses for the role of a lifetime.

The story involves two highly competitive frenemies—do you think you’re competitive with each other IRL?

There’s always going to be a bit of healthy competition between us, but we know that this industry is tough and we’d rather be supportive of each other – we make far better friends than we do competitors. Thankfully, it’s not too often that we audition for the same role!

Callback will have a different, improvising guest actor as the “Casting Director” in each show; any situations you’re scared you’ll be put in?

Frith: I’m just really scared of corpsing the entire time and not actually being able to do the scene (which is exactly what I did in rehearsal). But mostly I’m excited for whatever is thrown at me.

Lucy: it genuinely feels like a real audition, and knowing that the ‘casting director’ has complete artistic license when it comes to directing us is pretty exciting/terrifying. It doesn’t help that Lewis’ (our director) direction to them was “basically, f**k them up. Like Frith, I am scared of corpsing the entire time, these guys are seriously funny!

As both the writers and actors of Callback, how would you describe working together?

We developed this really great way of working together where one of us would take the script and write for a bit, then hand it over to the other person, and then we’d get together and work through everything. That was mostly due to our different work schedules but it actually worked really well. Then we handed the script over to our wonderful director, Lewis, who made the final adjustments so that the overall story made sense.

During rehearsals we had so much fun, as we’re all really good friends. We know each other so well that we’re able to work easily together and try new things and go a bit crazy which is essential to this show.

Did you guys ever work together as classmates in Toi Whakaari’s Acting Programme?

We didn’t actually work that closely together in most of our Toi shows which is one of the reasons why we wanted to do a show together. But, as you do when you spend 3 years training together, you get to know everyone in your class very well so we knew we’d make a good duo.

Can you each share a surprising fact about the other with the Basement community?

Frith: Lucy is has a secret love of all things to do with Space – particularly black holes. She knows many facts and is very wise.

Lucy: in our show, Frith’s character Amy swans about with a honey pot claiming she is ‘quitting refined sugar’. Funny thing is IRL Frith is literally addicted to honey. She goes through at least a pot a week. I wonder whether Frith wrote this in as beneficial for the play – or simply because she can’t go 1 hour 10 mins without her beloved treat. Either way, it works. I <3 data-preserve-html-node="true" Frith and Frith <3 data-preserve-html-node="true" honey. It’s cute.