A Sunset Affair, an Unmissable Soiree

Posted on July 3, 2016 by Basement

This week we prepare to be transported and transfixed in A Sunset Affair, a new work by dance legends Tallulah Holly-Massey, Georgie Goater and Zahra Killeen-Chance. Our blogger Jonty Crane had a chat to the three of them about their upcoming triple bill.

What inspired the work?

Tallulah: I’m interested in giving an identity to negative space and treating it as an active thing.

Georgie: Subject Matter Object Pink was inspired by an image, and the idea of ‘shapes in the clouds’. When we see what we see, we project our interpretations on to abstract sculptural forms. What then could be interpreted from a transformative object by animating it with movement, sound, relationship and atmosphere? What matters become present on stage?

Zahra: Love Me Do is the beginning of my performance research into creating a contemporary dance work influence by the romantic comedy film genre.

Tell us about the process of rehearsing and creating the piece.

Tallulah: I collaborated with three dancers – Lisa Greenfield, Adam Naughton and Solomon Holly-Massey. We spent around 10 hours per week developing the material together. I also worked with musician James Risbey to create an original sound score.

Georgie: Since the show idea was conceived about four months ago, the process has been about playing with ideas in the studio (Old Folk’s Association) for about two hours each rehearsal, filming, followed by lots of reflection. The work will have been made in approximately 40 – 50 hours including time spent with sound and music artist James Risby.

Zahra: I am both the choreographer and performer of the work so I have been devising and creating images on myself to perform.

What is the central questions or themes that lie at the heart of the work?

Tallulah: Perhaps because personal space is unseen but still very present I felt intrigued by the question – what might it look like? Does it have a texture or a sound? Things appear hyper normal but there’s something wrong…

Georgie: Is finding meaning in a show a shared activity, weighted on both sides of the fourth wall? How can visual images invite the audience to experience, rather than tell them to? Key themes include elements, environmental matters, matters of the heart, fears, the unknown, and contemporary society.

Zahra: I am performing one section of the work which looks into what it is like being by oneself and the longing of waiting for the right person to come along.

What has been the most difficult part of the production?

Tallulah: Sticking with the idea and trusting my instincts.

Georgie: Being okay with the unknown.

Zahra: Creating the work on my own without other people to rebound ideas off.

Sunset Affair will be on from July 5 – 9 in the Studio.

More of Jontys work can be found on his blog.