Bodacious, bootyful and luscious

Posted on May 24, 2015 by Basement

Describe The Best Possible Album Party That Anybody Has Ever Been To in one sentence…

A bodacious, bootyful, luscious, lipsmacking, outrageous concert filled with pumping, head poppin’ musical beatz and hosted by two of the sassiest women you’ve evah met. Evah.

Do you perform all the songs yourself? Are they original?

7 songs, all original, ranging from club, to pop, to hiphop, to ballad. We perform them all live, complete with dance routines in front of your face, before your very eyes….

Give us a little snippet of some of the lyrics…

“You know you want it, you put the Gas in my Ass-O-Line boy”

“And it feels unusual to be scared of what I’ll say, and then I think YOLO and I say it anyway”

You’re working with some dancers from Epsom Girls Grammar – how’d that happen?

What pop concert is complete without a dance crew? We scoured the country for the sassiest, most technically brilliant, gifted dancers who could perform on no budget. Epsom killed it. We got lucky. Very lucky.

There’s a bit of a cultural appropriation subtext that’s going on too…

We’ve been investigating cultural appropriation in performance, from Iggy Azalea to Chris Lilley. We think there’s a discussion to be had, so we hope this show will open up some conversation around this complicated and contested topic.

Which show in the Winter programme are you really excited about?

So hard to choose but we are pumped for ORANGUTAN and THE MOURNING AFTER

Fave Basement memory has gotta be…

Frith: I have lots but from this year, watching ‘Girl on a Corner’ – such a brilliant show, performed with such commitment, generosity and sass. (We like the word sass)

Kate: So many to choose from, but I think the Basement Xmas party was on point. What a great night.

And one Kate & Frith fact that even The Basement Theatre community wouldn’t know (!) is…

Kate: I once upstaged Jane Fonda’s curtain call when I fell on the stage during her standing ovation. (My feet went numb…)

Frith: I have a very deep, life long obsession with STAR WARS. When I was little I wanted to be a Jedi Knight… slash that dream has never died.

The Best Possible Album Party That Anybody Has Ever Been To plays 26-30 May, 7pm.