Comedy and absurdity

Posted on May 1, 2015 by Basement

Tell us about your show Discover Ben Target in one sentence…

The indoor equivalent of a log flume made of Mentos in a river of Coca Cola helmed by a narcoleptic toddler.

How much do you really love crowd-surfing?

I love it until someone’s grip goes awry.

Absurdity and comedy are like a couple who…

Fall off the couch whilst making out.

You had a show interpreted into NZ Sign Language last night – have you done that before?

Never ever ever but I always knew it was something I wanted to be part of and I’m delighted it’s a thing that can happen in the world.

What have you discovered about yourself through this show?

I look good in shorts.

Have you been to NZ before? What’s your fave things so far?

I was last here aged 2. I fell in duck poo somewhere in Christchurch. My Father picked me up off the ground and held me tightly. His suit was ruined forever. My p.fave thing so far is the accent. I love it. It makes me feel all warm and tickly inside. Don’t ever change it please.

What’s your picks of the Festival?

Deanne Smith has a good fringe. Guy Montgomery has a good moustache. Rose Matafeo has a good name. Trygve Wakenshaw has good legs. Wilson Dixon has a good hat. Adrienne Truscott has good shoes. Jamaine Ross has a good beard. The Cavaliers have good attitudes.

What else is coming up for you this year?

I have to finish my tax return.

Fave Basement memory (thus far!) has gotta be…

The Janitor’s wall of brooms arranged in size order.

And one Ben Target fact that even the NZ Comedy Fest community wouldn’t know(!) is…

I haven’t been to the dentist in five years.

Ben Target plays at The Basement tonight and tomorrow only @ 8.45pm.