Gil Hanly - Photographer extraordinaire

Posted on May 27, 2015 by Basement

You may have noticed photographer extaordinaire Gil Hanly‘s famous images of the Rainbow Warrior around The Basement Theatre the past two weeks for Fallout: The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior. We asked her about her experiences after opening night…

Well I’d been photographing the peace movement and I knew Greenpeace and I’d done a little bit with them. And Pat and I had been involved in marches in England and things like that. Pat was in the peace quadrant, and I’d been photographing that so we knew the Warrior was coming in, we went out to welcome it on another boat so I’ve got photos of it coming in.

And then I went onboard the two nights before it was blown up and it was totally unexpected, I mean I was working in the washhouse which is my dark room at home with the radio on, processing the film I’d taken onboard of it coming in and everything, and doing prints and stuff for them, and I heard there had been an explosion. So I got in the car and drove down there and the crew had all been wrapped in blankets … [I] probably took photos of that and then I went home and of course I’d met Fernando anyway I mean he’d taken me down to see where he worked which is how he lost his life really because when everyone else got off the boat when the first bomb went off he went down to get his camera … The second [bomb] was also the devastating one, the reason they didn’t save the Warrior and rebuild as it twisted the prop and put the whole thing out of line – it would have been too hard to get it safe again.

And then Greenpeace contacted me and said “would you cover the reclamation for me, we’ll get you a pass to go on the wharf” so I used to go down everyday for half an hour or so and photograph what I could around the edges. – Gil Hanly, 2015