Hamish Parkinson on Moon Baby

Posted on April 18, 2016 by Basement

Basement blogger and theatre superfan Jonty Crane talks to Hamish Parkinson about his upcoming Comedy Festival show, MOON BABY, on April 12 – 21.

What inspired this show? Why the moon?

I was thinking a lot about what it is I want out of life, and the feeling unsatisfied when you reach your goals, that everyone craves the next thing. Like we went to the moon and then instead of being this “Yes me made it” it quickly turned to now what’s next, and that stage is harder. So the whole show is this journey from the previous show, trying to get to that better place.

The best audience members are…? Open, playful and at my show.

How do you develop your material, through improvisation or a more scripted approach?

Both. I script out a form for it and different ideas, and then I try and put them on their feet, since so much is audience dependent now. It’s mostly what lines can I add in, it all seems theoretical until an audience is in front of it, which means ideas are never done which is cool and exciting.

What changed your life more, winning a Billy T Award or appearing in the New World advert?

Billy T Award was a humbling moment, and I think it made more confident in pursuing my own ideas as well as making a lot of people suddenly aware of me. The New World ad has just meant sometimes people point at me and say vegetarian.

What was it like being part of Hunt for the Wilderpeople?

Really cool, I’m not in it much and wasn’t on set for much but I think what that team pulled together is amazing under the time restraints they were under. It’s really cool to know that even in a small part you get to be a piece of something like that. I’m very lucky.

Finally, what are you looking forward to seeing at the Comedy Festival? As much as I can! I’m also directing Joseph Moore’s show (So… I’m A Dad! on at the Basement 10-14 May), which I’m really excited to put on it’s feet and watch multiple times. I think all the Snorters shows are going to be great and everyone is taking risks. I hope everyone takes a punt on things they might not usually go to, there’s so much variety and talent!

MOON BABY will be on in the Basement studio from the 23 – 30 April. Find out more about the show and book tickets here. You can check out more of Jonty’s writing on his blog.