Jo Randersons clean hard punch

Posted on March 23, 2015 by Basement

If you had to describe FOLD in one sentence you’d say…

Its a bit of a clean hard, punch I think.

FOLD was your professional writing debut, how do you feel about it now (10+ years on!)

I am very proud of this work. It came out like Athena, fully formed out of Zeus’ head. It had its own completeness to it. I look back at its clarity of purpose and that puzzles me. It was very strident. An earnest bossy teenager with a rant. I was surprised that people said it was like being hit over the head with a baseball bat. Victor Rodgers emailed me to congratulate me on a particular line ‘To be perfectly honest, I don’t give a dead whore’s c**t.’. Everything was a blur back then.

Has it been through many different incarnations?

Yes I have seen it many times – professionally, school productions, universities… It’s always different. I’m always happy to see people having fun with it and not taking it too heavily. I mean – its a heavy play. but its nice to play against that.

You’re also working with Chris Parker on his NZ International Comedy Festival show, have you two worked together much before?

Chris Parker.. this is the moment we have been waiting for to work together. Been gagging around in hallways and toilets for too long together. Now we’re getting that stuff on stage. I can’t wait.

What’s something The Basement community would be surprised to know about you?

Today someone laughed at me that I rode a motorbike. They said it wasn’t my style. Then they wouldn’t say what my style was. So I’m not sure what would surprise people. But I once did an army stand-up character that I played to a drunk Australian audience. A female soldier. I thought she was funny. I was boo-ed off stage. Maybe its time to bring her out again.

Jo Randerson’s FOLD plays 31 Mar – 4 April, 7pm at The Basement Theatre.