Lara Fischel-Chisholm talks bad jobs

Posted on March 15, 2015 by Basement

Tell us about your show This Is My Real Job in one sentence:

It’s about ambition, failure, dance, art, parenthood, time, space and the sneaky old present moment

What’s your best/worst Real Job to date?

I was a mystery shopper once – but for parking wardens… You got sent this text with a special code on it to help you find the right warden then you had to actually find them, THEN you had to just casually cruise on up and ask questions like you’re any old curious member of the public and then go home and assess them on their knowledge, friendliness, approachability and uniform. They said it was an job well suited to actors but I was terrible at it. It sounds funner than it was.

This show is made with Nisha Madhan who you seem to work with heaps! What’s your favourite thing about collaborating with her?

Here are seven things: She’s one of my best mates. I like drinking with her. She’s got a great brain. She challenges me. She’s a bit naughty. She works hard. I just like being around her.

Do you dance in it? Is it Dynamotion style dancing?

Of course! Stylistically the whole show is very different from my Dynamotion work but I guess there is an underlying ethos that’s present in both projects. To me dancing is about expression and about finding joy. In This Is My Real Job the dancing is about stubbornly holding onto a dream, about being myself and about having a really great time… there is also actually not that much dance in it. In short: yes and not really but sort of.

How was the show received in Dunedin?

So well – we got really lovely responses and we were nominated for a couple of awards at the Dunedin Fringe Festival (which luckily we didn’t win as the whole show would be ruined if we had!). It was a really lovely experience to invite shitloads of strangers into your family home and make them laugh with stories about your life.

What else is coming up for you this year?

Dynamotion is bringing Terror Highway back for the Comedy Festival – we’re part of the group of comedians taking over the Montecristo Room at Toto’s. We’ve got a few plans for world domination with Dynamotion but if no one else gives me a job then I guess I’ll just have a rest…

Fav Basement memory has gotta be…

Dancing on the bar with my Dynamotion mates. It’s probably frowned upon but sometimes you’ve just gotta get up there.

And one Lara Fischel-Chisholm fact that even The Basement Theatre community wouldn’t know(!) is…

My first TV appearance was on Telethon circa 1986 when my parents took me to the town hall to donate my pocket money. Maybe Phil Leishman was the host? And he said “you look lovely today” and it made me feel weird because my hair was all over the place, I was wearing an old navy blue tracksuit with red arms and brown velcro bata bullet shoes and I kind of knew he was taking the piss.

Lara Fischel-Chisholm’s This Is My Real Job plays this week 17-21 March, 7pm at ye ol’ Basement!