Pitch your idea: Basement Xmas Bonanza!

Posted on June 18, 2015 by Basement

Dear Basementeers!

It’s been 8 years of the Christmas Show, so many actors, so many great characters, so many poo jokes – seriously so, so, so many poo jokes. And while we wouldn’t say that we are out of ideas (never!) we do think that it’s time for a change. So we are turning to the people that have the best Ideas we know, you guys. We want you to pitch us your best Basement Festive Bonanza ideas, it could be a musical, a Best of Basement Festival, a series of celebrity roasts, Jesus This is Your Life – honestly as long as it meets our criteria below then we are open to anything, so in light of that, here’s the criteria!

The Show/ Event /Happening/ Kwanzaa Party must…

  • Be really inclusive of our community and celebrate who we are and what we do

  • Make everyone who contributes feel valued for their time, effort and skill

  • Excite and engage our core audience and create interest and awareness for new audiences (particularly younger audiences or audiences looking for an alternative festive experience).

  • Make The Basement a destination in December

  • Showcase the best of what The Basement can be artistically

  • Be able to run for three weeks (around 24 performances) between the End of November and the End of December 2015

  • Accommodate an audience of between 100 – 120 per performance

  • Be able to be made for around $20,000

We are accepting suggestions for this NOW and we will be until the 17th of July. We’ll then shortlist, interview and make a decision about which show/creature/thing to get behind.

So if you have ever sat in the foyer after one of our Christmas shows and said “This bullshit is played out, The Basement should be doing blah blah” Now is the time to do blah, blah! Seriously! We bloody love blah, blah!

Send all inquiries and submissions to sam@basementtheatre.co.nz

Do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!