Saraid Cameron talks USHERS and STOMACH

Posted on March 12, 2015 by Basement

Tell us about your character in Ushers in one sentence:

She’s had enough

Have you ever been an usher? What’s your best/worst experience with ushers?

I have never been an usher. I have however tried hitting on an usher before, maybe I’m some ushers worst experience with an audience member…

Ushers has such a fantastic cast including Hamish Parkinson, Arlo Gibson, Phoebe Bowick, Cole Jenkins and Jess Holly Bates – have you worked with any of them before?

It’s funny actually, Hamish and I live together, Phoebe and I have been friends for years and were at Unitec at the same time, Cole and I used to live together and were in the same class, but I haven’t been onstage with any of them, really. Cole and I, despite being in the same class, rarely did shows together, and though Arlo and I both worked on Generation Z in Edinburgh last year, our characters weren’t really ever in the same scene, and I’ve been a massive fan (yes fan) of Jess’ work for years now so even though I love the cast know them all pretty well, this is my first time really getting into some work with them, which is bloody exciting.

Your show Stomach is co-written and performed with your long-term collaborator Amelia Reynolds. How did you guys meet?

Amelia and I are star-crossed friends/writing partners, so I reckon we’ve probably met in another life and lead armies together already, but in this century, we met two years ago through Young and Hungry. She played a plumber and made me laugh onstage one night and hasn’t been able to shake me since.

How has the show developed since its original inception?

Since it’s first season in March 2014, STOMACH has had return seasons in my backyard and at Bats Theatre in Wellington in January this year. We haven’t had a chance to refine the work (as much as we would like to) yet, but we were lucky enough have a script development workshop with the amazing Sophie Roberts (Silo Theatre), so we’ve got a lot of ideas for changes in upcoming seasons.

And as of last night, it’s now part of The Basement’s new Schools Programme! How do you think high schools will receive this work?

I think they will be initially a bit scandalised or shocked (I know I definitely never saw small women curse like we do onstage or talk about their vaginas when I was at high school, more’s the pity) but will pretty quickly warm up into it. We’re so excited to take it to high schools, I can’t even find the words. It feels we’re finally going to show the work to the people we sub-consciously made it for.

Anything else coming up for you this year?

Amelia and I are working on re-developing our other show The Memory Shelf and also a wee new secret project with some very cool people ooo yes.

Fav Basement memory has gotta be…

Probably the first time I saw John Tui in a short silk dressing gown?

And one Saraid Cameron fact that even The Basement Theatre community wouldn’t know(!) is…

How bad my sweet tooth is? Chronic. Eating chocolate in the shower level chronic.

Saraid Cameron stars in USHERS by Finnius Teppett from 24-28 March @ 8pm She co-wrote & co-stars in STOMACH which will be presented at schools across Auckland 27-31 July & 3-7 August