The history of Out of Order

Posted on May 12, 2015 by Basement


My names Olympia. I’m a camera and I’m 23 and I’ve just started my last year of photography school. I like getting wild on the weekend and doing shots, but I’m also really focused on my work and getting exposure in the photography field.

Today I’d love to share with you a photography project I’ve been working on for some time now with actor Alice Pearce.

Me and Alice both became extremely interested in objects and appliances several years ago and I began photographing lots of different characters in junk shops and bargain bins mid last year. We interviewed the subjects during this process and Alice began writing a solo show based on their stories called Out Of Order. You can see some of the initial shots down below… Some objects were obviously flasher than others, some really happy, and some more negative, but as you can see the were all very human.

We became very invested in the idea of telling objects stories. After all, us appliances are in and amongst humans day to day and yet we very rarely get a chance to express ourselves. We met a egg beater who was an incredible dancer, but had never got a chance to perform on a stage, and a dishwasher who had been severely damaged trying to spread awareness about the dangers of using detergent, and we knew we had to help give these guys a voice.

Once Alice had finished writing the show, she took it down to Wellington to perform at BATS as part of the Fringe Festival earlier this year. I went with her and caught some candid shots of the objects coming to life.

Since then I’ve been working on creating a campaign for Alice’s Auckland season. It starts very soon on the 19 May at The Basement Theatre, and is packed full of puns and fun.

We’ve had more photo shoots and interviews, this time with new ring-in, interviewer Moby on Instagram (@moby_mobile), and I’ve also had a photo shoot at CityFitness with Helen the grater, a character in the show who’d always dreamed of having her own twitter account (HelenTheGrate).

This was part of our object dream factory program, previous projects of which include the popular Instagram account @ezy_breezy_video_covergirl, where Alice impersonates DVD covers, to help them feel less neglected in this modern age of internet streaming.

It’s all been a dream come true really, and I often have to check my shutter speed and clean my lenses to believe its all happening again, but it is and we really hope you’ll come be a part of it!

You can catch us all in OUT OF ORDER at The Basement from Tuesday 19 May - Saturday 23 May, 7pm.

And if you have any down and out objects who want to come along too, the amazing team at Abilities will be providing a collection box for used electronics in the foyer.

All welcome – book tickets through iTicket and check us out on Facebook!

(say) Cheers! Olympia xx