Posted on August 24, 2016 by Basement

Our blogger Jonty spoke to actor and playwright Ash Jones about his debut work Thomus, a David Lynchean psycho-thriller written entirely in iambic pentameter.

what point in the development process did you decide to use iambic pentameter?

This show came from a monologue I wrote to get into character while playing Chiron in Titus. That monologue sat in my drawer, and over the years and I knew I wanted to write in the same kind of flowery way. After researching a bunch of Shakespeare’s plays I caught the iambic bug and thus the play’s verse was born.

Which David Lynch films were key influences for the work?

Twin Peaks and Inland Empire

How did you assemble the cast?

We knew of a few people that we wanted to work with but mainly it was just us thinking up who would be right for the roles. Matt and Mike from Barefoot Casting were a huge help too, they put us in contact with agents and allowed us to hold auditions for key roles.

What has been the most difficult part of the production?

For me it has been learning how to direct. I felt that I might be good at it beforehand because I have a pretty good idea of what I like, but working with actors to bring out their best performance takes some real skill, trust, and focus. It has been a sharp learning curve, but very rewarding. Catch Thomus from 30 August – 10 September in our Theatre. More of Jonty’s writing can be found on his blog