"5", Dawns first blog for 2014

Posted on February 3, 2014 by Basement

Good news! Whether or not you made it out to The Basement last Saturday night to partake in: face painting, free pizza, DJ’s, jazz singers, “poo” stories, dropped birthday cakes, on stage births…and other fantastically random things that groups of theatre people come up with… you still have an excellent season of shows that you can check out!

Sure you can find a theatre somewhere that is “re-inventing the way we experience Faust,” or you can head to The Basement and see original works created by awesome Kiwi’s living right here in Auckland (okay, some of the artists may be from Wellington or Christchurch and not technically live here…but you get the drift).

Also, I have to take up some of this short blog space to say “congrats!” to Charlie, Sam, Sophie and Elise. Not only for their rad 5th birthday party, but also for their clear determination to get better with age and boldly take theatre where many companies are too afraid, or not imaginative enough to go. Walking through the crowed Saturday night showed me that The Basement team has done an excellent job of being inspired by and inspiring artists of the veteran class, the wide-eyed dreamer variety, and everything in between. These guys should be proud that The Basement is the kind of artistic venue that attracts the “big deals” of today and the ones who are yet to be discovered.

But don’t let my praise mold your opinions, instead do yourself a favor and see a show this week! I know I’m excited to see some puppets take the stage. See you at Just Above The Clouds!