A new face for garage gallery

Posted on September 23, 2014 by Basement

The Basement’s walls have always been a willing canvas to scribblers, street artists and set designers extending their work past the stage. Since spring was on the way we thought it was about time our front door got a new face – so we put the call out to the community to see if anyone was in need of a garage gallery, and wanted to brighten up our corner of the carpark.

From a range of fantastic submissions (all of which will appear on the door some time in the future) we selected artistic duo Meghan Geliza and Aesop, who had an interesting concept in mind. They wanted to combine fine art and graffiti by bringing together their own unique styles into one artwork.

“This being our first collaboration, we were interested to see what would happen if we merged our two existing styles — nature-inspired and whimsical, with graffiti letterforms and architectural detailing.”

While some sketches provided a basic outline of the mural, the pair said the work came together fairly organically once they were in front of the door. They enjoyed the process so much that they can see many similar collaborations in the future.

About the Artists: Meghan Geliza’s Pop Surreal paintings are of worlds swirling in explosive colour, driven by the metaphysical and the whimsical. Her work references nature, sacred geometry and recurring patterns in the universe, to comment on our inherent connection with everything. She’s worked on exhibits & commissions from NZ and internationally, most recently the Whittaker’s Big Egg Hunt and Phoenix Drinks limited edition Artist Series.


Architect by day, Aesop enjoys the loose, dynamic nature of graffiti, in stark contrast to architecture. Aesop loves the absence of constraints within the medium of spray paint, and is currently interested in merging architectural forms and detail with his art. Formerly a highly active part of Auckland’s graffiti scene in the early 2000s.